Our Next Meeting

Next TSA meeting:

  • Date: Feb. 20th
  • Place: 550 North Canal Street, South San Francisco, Ca.
  • Time: 9:30Am

Come to the next meeting to help bid Frank McAuley a fond farewell as he retires from the City of South San Francisco, after many fun years as a leader and friend in our industry.

The speaker will be from ELTEC.

The ABC’s Of Solar Power For Traffic Systems

Solar power is becoming very commonplace in the traffic industry, not only to power flashing beacons but to power many other devices including cameras and communication devices.

This presentation will be explained in easy-to-understand language, the ABC’s of solar system design and system sizing. The attendee will be able to understand what kind of information he/she should expect from a solar vendor as well as relevant questions to ask about solar system design and sizing. Several examples of applications and the resulting solar sizing will be reviewed. A discussion of power management and what it means will be included as part of the presentation.

The attendee will also understand where solar power will work today and where it will not work because of cost or system size.

About the speakers company ELTEC:

The speaker is from ELTEC. They are a 50 year old manufacturing company of time clock/time switches used primarily used in school zone flashing bacons. There programmable clocks are also used to manage gate & door time locks, pump control, park lighting, HVAC on/off timing functions, or anywhere you need to operate a device with pre-set times. They can monitor, program and manage their switches remotely from a central computer. Their equipment is can be powered with dedicated 120v AC or solar DC.

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