How To Use

The use of this site should be straight forward but here are a few points that may be of interest.

  • To make comments on one of the posts, you need to be a registered user and be logged in. To register or login, go to the Home page and to the bottom of the right sidebar. You can select links to either login or register there. After you submit your comment it will not appear immediately. It must be reviewed and approved by the administrator before it will appear. Unfortunately this is necessary due to spammers and children who abuse the Internet.
  • Use our Forum to share information with the traffic signal community. To post, you must register as a forum user. This is a different registration from the website registration. Vendor and Job announcements are limited to a 30 day life on the site.
  • In order to send general comments to the administrator use the comment form.
  • In the right sidebar, there is a Catagories section that can be used to limit the content to a specific group of posts such as to a single chapter, just general announcments, just jobs, etc. Just click on the catagory.
  • Many posts include a map link that, when clicked, shows a map with a pointer at the site related to the post such as the meeting location.
  • The eight sponsor images at the top and bottom are a random selection from our sponsor list. There are usually more sponsors that are shown on the page. You can click on any of the images to go to the sponsors website. To see them all go to our sponsor page. If you are a sponsor and want to change your image or website link, contact the administrator.
  • The banner ad at the top of the page is a randomly selected ad from among our sponsors ad list. If you are a sponsor and want to add your own ad, contact the administrator. Advertising is limited to ads related to the traffic signal industry.
  • The Navigation section of the right sidbar contains links to other pages on this website.
  • The Recent Posts section on the right sidebar shows links to several of the most recent posts.
  • The Monthly section of the right sidebar contains links to archives of the posts. They are collected in to monthly groups of posts.