Meeting Notice, July 23rd, 09:30

Date: July 23rd
Time: 9:30am
Location: Santa Clara County Yard- 1505 Schallenberger Road, San Jose, CA 95131

Refreshments will be provided

Two of our Speakers will be Tom Rivard and Stewart Wilkerson of Western Systems who will jointly be presenting the new, patent-pending P-Plus traffic signal cabinet designed and manufactured by Western Systems. This cabinet incorporates an integral Clary model SPLXN 1250 UPS system with batteries. The P-Plus traffic signal cabinet has the same footprint and physical size as a standard P-44 cabinet, yet it has a separate, isolated compartment for the batteries and also has a door-mounted port for connection to a generator. Additionally, Mr. Craig Bolden of Clary Corporation will be discussing power conditioning and UPS systems for traffic signals and central systems.

Here is a copy of the July newsletter.



Meeting Notice

Date: April 16th
Time: 10:30am
Location: Casa Lupe 2169 Winchester Blvd. Campbell, CA
Lunch will be provided. Please RSVP if you plan on attending:

Speaker, Jeff Pearson, will be presenting the new McCain signal ATC cabinet concept. “McCain Inc.’s ATC cabinet is designed from the best of existing standards and the latest technology, the cabinet’s built-in safety features and internal diagnostics increase overall operational efficiencies. This revolutionary design combines the best of existing standards with the latest technology. Compact, high density components as well as serial based I/O’s provide enhanced operations and extra space for equipment or storage. The cabinet architecture supports 120 VAC while also providing a migration path to 48 VDC.” It offers such benefits as Detects a dark approach through load current monitoring, Manages up to 120 detector inputs and 32-channel outputs, Offers increased functionality through compact high-density components, Safeguards against accidental contact per NEC, Enables migration to 48 VDC or ultra-low power LEDs, Provides continuous monitoring of FTR and flasher status, and Allows for hot swappable output assembly.



January TSA newsletter

Here is the January newsletter downloadable as a PDF document.

Next TSA meeting:

January 15ht, 09:30, 550 North Canal St, South San Francisco, CA. Refreshments will be provided.

Our speaker will be: Jerry S. Lin CEO of ON-Q Technology Group “Making IOT a Reality”
Mr. Lin has over 15 Years of experience in Management of Large Scale Enterprise, Industrial and Military Infrastructure. Mr. Lin specializes in IP enabled management of “Things” starting with server and network equipment to elevators, pipelines, and now Smart City and Smart Building technologies. ON-Q Smart City and Smart Buildings enables ubiquitous monitoring and complete control utilizing simple to use, and simple to install wireless connectivity and controllers. Both local touch-panel controllers and cloud based management enable city engineers and building managers to have total control and gather meaningful data from their infrastructure. ON-Q is currently focused on simple management of large sensory networks utilizing wireless IP networks to control lighting, ITS, CCTV, HVAC and Access Controls.
It’s simple… ON-Q = Smart Technologies.


April 2013 Newsletter

Next TSA Meeting

  • Date: Thursday, May 23rd

  • Place: Jose Higuera Adobe Park at 1830 N Park Victoria Dr, Milpitas, CA 95035

  • Cross Streets: Near the intersection of N Park Victoria Dr. and Wessex Pl.

  • Time: 9:30am

 The speaker will be Chad Spaltro with Iteris. He will be discussing “Bicycle & Motor Vehicle differentiation during detection.”

In our presentation we will demonstrate how SmartCycle from Iteris will enable you to detect cars and bikes with astounding accuracy

Chad Spaltro with Iteris will be discussing at the upcoming TSA. The CA-MUTCD requires that all new traffic signals and any modified by 50% or more shall have bicycle detection installed at each approach and in each lane. Type D loops, Video Detection, and Radar are mentioned as ways to accomplish this task. These technologies vary in dependability of detecting bikes AND they all detect cars very well. The CA-MUTCD also requires that bikes get longer clearance or min. green time than the cars. What? How does the controller know when it’s a bike placing the call? In our presentation we will demonstrate how SmartCycle from Iteris will enable you to detect cars and bikes with astounding accuracy as well as differentiate between the two while placing bike calls to one channel and vehicle calls to another channel for more efficient use of cycle time on both coordinated and free running signals.

TSA September Minutes

  • 9:50 Started meeting:

  • Reading of the minute

  • Introductions were made

  • Financial report was submitted

  • Announcements of events were discussed

  • 10:00 Bill Marshall with ELTEC spoke to us about The Topic: The ABC’s of solar power for traffic systems and the importance of proper design of solar your system Solar power is used in traffic signal design from a simple flashing beacon to a traffic signal for a fire house in the wilderness. He also discussed new laws on the subject. Not worry too much if you missed his presentation. If you have a solar project that you want help with, he said “Contact me and I will help you solar size your project for free”. He was very knowledgeable and gave us a bit of an education in how important it is to size your project correctly. Thank You Mr. Marshall

  • 10:45 We all said good-by to Frank McCauley of South San Francisco. He has retired

  • 11:40 Meeting adjourned.


What happens when you type “I love traffic” into a Google search?

Boredom and curiosity caused me to ask myself, what happens when you type “I love traffic” into a Google search? The answer is a simple but challenging traffic games came up.

This game apparently can be downloaded onto your smartphone. I personally have not tried it due to not having a smartphone. I got to level #15 see how you can do. See if you have better traffic signal abilities. Good Luck

Posted for Dave Mooso by Don Wood


Our Next Meeting

Next TSA meeting:

  • Date: Feb. 20th
  • Place: 550 North Canal Street, South San Francisco, Ca.
  • Time: 9:30Am

Come to the next meeting to help bid Frank McAuley a fond farewell as he retires from the City of South San Francisco, after many fun years as a leader and friend in our industry.

The speaker will be from ELTEC.

The ABC’s Of Solar Power For Traffic Systems

Solar power is becoming very commonplace in the traffic industry, not only to power flashing beacons but to power many other devices including cameras and communication devices.

This presentation will be explained in easy-to-understand language, the ABC’s of solar system design and system sizing. The attendee will be able to understand what kind of information he/she should expect from a solar vendor as well as relevant questions to ask about solar system design and sizing. Several examples of applications and the resulting solar sizing will be reviewed. A discussion of power management and what it means will be included as part of the presentation.

The attendee will also understand where solar power will work today and where it will not work because of cost or system size.

About the speakers company ELTEC:

The speaker is from ELTEC. They are a 50 year old manufacturing company of time clock/time switches used primarily used in school zone flashing bacons. There programmable clocks are also used to manage gate & door time locks, pump control, park lighting, HVAC on/off timing functions, or anywhere you need to operate a device with pre-set times. They can monitor, program and manage their switches remotely from a central computer. Their equipment is can be powered with dedicated 120v AC or solar DC.


3M Has A New Scotchkote Product

By David Mooso

You may recall that 3M’s Scotchkote was banned in California and many other states due to it having VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) in it. Scotchkote is typically used as a coating over wire splices as a moisture- and corrosion-resistant outer seal on vinyl tape applications which are subjected to excessive amounts of oil and moisture. Scotchkote FD coating is a newly formulated version of the original 3M Scotchkote. According to 3M this new Electrical Coating, unlike the original Scotchkote coating, this new version uses a VOC-exempt solvent so it is essentially VOC free.

According to 3M these are the advantages of using their product.

  • Suitable for direct burial, direct water immersion or aboveground applications.
  • Provides vinyl tapes with extra oil-, moisture- and corrosion-resistant layer of “Functionally and flexible coating for problem areas.
  • Functionally and chemically equivalent to the original Scotchkote coating. Therefore, when the materials dry (and the solvent vaporizes), the applied coating.” product remaining on both is virtually the same.

Scotchkote Fast Drying Information:

  • Easy to use; reduces application time.
  • Does not require heat, moisture or other preparation prior to or subsequent to application Self-Contained Applicator
  • Quick and easy application with a brush-top, 15-oz. can
  • No waste if container is resealed after use.

3M™ Scotchkote™ FD coating is sold in all states.

  • *Original Scotchkote coating is restricted from sale in:

California (CA), Connecticut (CT), Washington, D.C (DC), Delaware (DE), Illinois
(IL), Indiana (IN), Massachusetts (MA), Maryland (MD), Maine (ME), Michigan
(MI), New Hampshire (NH), New Jersey (NJ), New York (NY), Ohio (OH),
Pennsylvania (PA), Rhode Island (RI), and Virginia (VA).

Call 3M Customer Service at 800-245-3573 if you have questions.


TSA September Minutes

by Dave Mooso

September 5, 2012


  • Started meeting:
    • Reading of the minute
    • Introductions were made
    • Financial report was submitted
    • Announcements of events were discussed


  • General info about our industry was discussed: Wire theft in our area and solutions for wire theft.
  • A new traffic signal system that allows cars and signal cabinets to communicate wirelessly with one another has been activated. It may help with reducing traffic accidents.


  • IP Addressing Training and trouble shooting was started. We discussed IP addressing did hands on training including trouble shooting using IP addresses. We had fun learning together.


  • Meeting adjourned.
  • Thank You City of San Jose staff, JD from Western Pacific and Rod Dexter from JAM for putting the training together.